Saturday, 9 November 2013

GaelSpell free Windows download?

I'm often asked whatever happened to the GaelSpell free Windows download... To cut a long story short it's no longer available because we had to start charging for it to cover our costs which shot up when it became the most popular Irish spellcheck. Instead, you can order the latest version of GaelSpell from our website and the price includes access to comprehensive technical support.

GaelSpell for Microsoft Word was a runaway success when we first launched it and we're delighted it's still popular even though we eventually had to start charging for it.  There are also other versions of GaelSpell available for other platforms (all maintained by Kevin Scannell) that are still free. We're also delighted that hundreds of people have also downloaded our latest software package Anois for Windows and we've done our best to keep the prices as low as possible so that more people can use our software when they're writing in Irish.

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